Matthijs Van Heijningen


Matthijs Van Heijningen Jr is the son of the famous Dutch producer of the same name. As a teenager he worked on his dad’s productions and participated on the construction of the set, the lights and even the editing. Matthijs Van Heijningen continued his career directing ambitious advertising films and short movies. Since 1999 he has become one of Europe’s most renowned director winning various prizes in different festivals. He has directed adverts for brands such as Toyota, Playstation, Samsung, Heineken, Stella Artois or Canal+ to name a few. He was also chosen to direct the film « The thing » inspired from the famous John Carpenter 1982 movie. He has a unique style mixing comedy, elaborate narration and refined aesthetics. His most famous advertising « The Bear » for Canal + won five prizes at the cannes lions festival. The Gunn Report then ranked 3 campaigns he directed as the ones of the 20 best commercials of 21st century. Whether chronicling a diva director, shooting a horror film, or evaporating vampires, van Heijningen’s process is all about having fun. From the short films he made back in law school to some of the most ambitious and high-profile projects in global advertising and feature filmmaking, his chemistry of ironic comedy, solid narrative, and a beautiful cinematic aesthetic sets his work apart. Matthijs lives in Amsterdam.