Fernando Gomez

Fernando Gomez was born in 1987 in Sevilla, Spain. After finishing his law studies, he decided to pursue photography, his true passion, which led him to move to Barcelona, where he started to develop his craft and serves him as a perfect base to work and travel for his productions. 

Shooting womenswear and menswear, he found in beauty photography a way to explore color and texture in all of its limits, as it allows him to create pulsating imaginary and push it to the extremes. 

His style is vibrant, colorful, bright and bold. His creative concepts are often inspired by the color treatment in classic and modern paintings, sculpture and film. 

He’s a regular contributor to magazines such as Vogue worldwide publications, Harper’s Bazaar, Numéro, Elle…and has worked for clients like L’Oreal Paris, YSL, Zara, Maybelline…