Henrik Purienne

Henrik Purienne is a South African born Artist living in Los Angeles, California.
He studied Photography and History of Art followed by a degree in Filmmaking. He has published 2 collectable photographic monograms and is the Founder and Creative director of Mirage Magazine, a publication devoted to timeless aesthetic in the fields of architecture, art and design interwoven with visions of forgotten utopias, unsung heroes and cinematic stagings.
Purienne’s work has the unmistakable mixture of ethereal natural and physical beauty, with a warm and often exotic ambience interwoven with domestic and voyueristic sexual imagery, which converge at a point between provocation and profundity.
“Purienne shoots only health looking women, willing women, with unmade faces, hair unruly and clothing, if any, unfussy. All this amalgamates to encapsulate the beauty of his subject in her truest form”. – Tess Martin, Krass Journal No.1
He has created advertising campaigns and editorials in his signature style for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Maison Kitsuné, American Apparel, , Interview Magazine, Vogue Paris, Vogue Spain, Purple and LUI.