Ilias Walchshofer

Ilias Walchshofer. Illustrator.

Born in Linz, Based in Berlin, Rooted in Morocco.

After spending his youth in Austria, winters in Linz and summers in Casablanca, Ilias Walchshofer decided to move to Berlin where he studied Motion Design at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule.

Following his passion for film, he worked several years in the film industry producing international commercials and music videos.

Under his alias, ”Dr Propolus“, which he started to use in his teenage years, Ilias made sketches on vintage print magazines that later jump-started his career and left an imprint on his illustrations for which he is known nowadays. The notable characteristics of his fine-art illustrations and aesthetica are the detailed and monochrome overlays, usually covering photography, which add grit, fantasy and humour into the pieces.

Since the beginning, Ilias has been pushing boundaries between his personal and commissioned work by collaborating with renominated photographers, artists and clients by producing and setting up imagery for their campaigns, editorials and exhibitions.