Jean-Pacôme Dedieu

Jean-Pacôme is a Paris based multi media artist.

Hi aesthetic in motion and photography is pretty recognizable, from his photography through his collages, installations, motion work to the videos, which are very colorful, a sense of Pop, with surreal inspirations and surprising framing.

His eye for composing photographs and savoir-faire in lighting is undeniable and the atmosphere he creates are some kind of troubling.

His clients among others are: Givenchy, Hennessy, Martini, WallPaper, Chanel, Citizen K, Intersection, Vogue Japan, Swarovsky, Dior, Common & Sense, Les Echos, Optimum, L’Officiel, Maison Causse, Pinton, Schweppes, Tesla, Dazed & Confused…

Jean-Pacôme is also part of a creative duo called “Salut c’est Chantal” created with Lisa Godon – talent manager and creative director.
“Salut c’est Chantal” is two mates who share the same sense of humor and taste with complementary talents and skills. Together they create digital content, aiming to make it entertaining, interesting, funny, bold and beautiful. A never ending flow of ideas allows Chantal to test, fail, learn, succeed and grow. This makes her content rich in meaning. She never pretends. Salut, c’est Chantal.