Mélissa De Araujo

Born in the East of France, Melissa has been living in Paris for 7 years.

Passionate about applied arts, she first used photography as a medium to capture her works during her youth. Later on, she discovered analog and decided to explore photography by herself.

An Irving Penn exhibition reinforced her idea of still life’s great importance and its power to arouse as much emotion as a portrait, which naturally led her making it her specialty ensuing her first works consisting in small staging of objects or portraits of relatives.

Following her Marketing master’s degree and a job that didn’t suit her, she started calling into question her career. She could not thrive until after work, as taking pictures was her only creative and fulfilling outlet.

She likes to compose and play out with objects singularity allowing her to bring her creative ideas, instincts, affects and aesthetic vision to life. She manages to find beauty in our everyday objects and enjoys staging it all on her own exploring her creativity to her full extent. Besides, the 70s-80s’ aesthetic greatly inspires her : whether it is fashion, photography, cinema, advertising or even design.

From time to time, she intentionally sets up a propitious ground for others’ new perspectives as she likes to leave the freedom to others to interpret her work making up their own stories. This results in an implicit message behind a funny or aesthetic items embezzlement. In that way, her style matches her personality : it can be as serious and shy as funny and wild, but always with great attention to detail.